Two Weeks Old
The puppies turned two weeks old on Friday.
This week they really started to turn into little dogs.
Their eyes and ears opened up and they started getting up on their legs.
Cinder is still being a real good mom, although she likes to spend
more time away from the little ones. They sure are starting to be more messy!
It was a fun week with lots of fun things going on.

Puppies eyes started opening early in the week and by Friday all the eyes were open.
They also all start wobbling around on their legs ... Miss Pink really got the hang of it!

Luis' friend DJ came to see the puppies.

Puppy lovin'

We brought the puppies out on a blanket one afternoon and let Magic visit
the babies. He got to smell each one and was very good with them.
We made sure he didn't get too excited and kept him on a leash.
He sure is a long way from in 'show form' right now, we need to get him on a grooming table!

Momma Cinder comes by to be sure everything is OK!

Now all tuckered out and time for a nap ... Mr Teal puts a arm around his buddy Mr Green.