Two Left ...
Mr Purple and Miss Gold go home

This Saturday, March 24th Sylvia and Bob came from Wisconsin
to pick up their special boy, Mr Purple ... 'Sparky'.
They also took Miss Gold ... 'Anne' with them for Cecelia, so they
could help get her on a plane on Sunday to travel to her new home,
with Rita in New York. We had a wonderful Puppy Party Pick-nick!
We thank Sylvia for all she has done to help in getting Miss Gold
off to New York and all her extra work with this girl.
That means that two left for their forever homes ... and there are only two left.

Bob sitting with their boys, Pepper and Jack on a wonderful March day.
Wisconsin brats and cheese along with all the sides lead to a great BBQ.
The puppies are in two X-pens ... one for ears and the other without!

Suzi with a hug for Mr Purple. One more cuddle nap for the pups after some play fun.

One of Sylvias boys showing how Tri-ball is done as the puppies look on.
Mr Purple says he thinks he can do that when he grows up.

We also get a little obedience training in and a grooming session on the adults and little ones.

Sylvia gives some hugs to Sparky and I get to hold Anne.

Mr Purple ... Sparky on the table for a show pose and cuddles from Suzanne.

Bob and Sylvia with Sparky ... and the older boys too.
See pictures of Sparky as he grows by clicking here.

Our special Miss Gold says good-bye to Suzi,
they became very close in the past weeks and it was a hard girl to let go.
She is such a wonderful,sweet girl ... Rita is a luck lady to spend her life with her.
We will miss her.
See pictures of Anne by clicking here.

My turn to say good-bye to Anne. The boys send off Sparky.