Here we are Three Weeks Old

The puppies are growing leaps and bounds. Full of energy.
We tried to get individual pictures of each, but they really didn't want to stand still.
They will get better at it as we work with them. They are all so cute!

We are working on the next phase of puppyhood. As these guys grow and explore
they are going to need more room. We will move the pups to another room soon and
build a exercise area. Carpet goes down first, then a tarp. Next the plywood with tiles on it.
We will then put news paper on top of this that can be replaced as needed.
The whelping bow will turn into a sleeping area for the pups and a X-pen will
surround the 'play' area. Cinder checks it out and approves!

Mr Teal ... or also know as Tub-tub

Mr Red ... his collar is a bit on the Rose side, but he is OK with it.

Miss Pink ... she's a real mover.

Miss Yellow ... She really brightens our day!

Miss Silver ... She has a sparkling personality.

Mr Purple ... He's a cuddler.

Mr Green ... a Happy boy.

Mr Blue .... He's content and calm.

Miss Gold ... She's full of adventure.

One more check to be sure the milk bowl is empty. That was good stuff.