New Digs

The pups have started getting rambunctious and wanting to explore.
They are climbing over the rail in their whelping box ... so it is time to move them to a bigger area.
We moved them into the dining room and added a x-pen for a play area.
They now have a sleeping room with nice soft blankies and a playing and pooping area ...
which is something they are doing more and more of.
They have started eating 'slop', which is more solid and fills their ever expanding tummies.

Puppies peeking over the edge ... looking for attention. Time for more room.

The puppies trying out milk and baby cereal. They thought it was great!

Here is the new setup ... this should hold them, at least for a few weeks!

Exploring the new place ... they think it must be OK if Marco will sleep there with them.

The pups are feeling pretty comfy in the new surroundings. Playing sure makes you tired!