More Visitors

This was another busy week. The puppies had more people come to see them.
Sylvia and Bob came from Wisconsin with their two Standards, Pepper and
Jack (who is actually Cinders litter brother). They are looking at a boy and I think Mr Teal was catching their eye.
Sylvia does a number of fun Performance things with her boys like Fly Ball and Carting. We are hoping to get her
interested in Conformation as well. Sylvia is also helping us with finding a girl for Cecelia
who co-owns Cinder with us. Sylvia got her boys from Cecelia.
Also coming by was our good friends Gretchen and Jimmy. They own a SS girl, Maddie.
Gretchen was here once before when the pups were smaller.
Then Mike and Anne came again to look at the girls. They were here when the pups
were tiny, the pups sure have changed in a few weeks. We know this young couple
will provide a wonderful home for a very special girl.

Sylvia with Mr Teal ... sorry I didn't get a picture of Bob, but we enjoyed spending time with both of them.

Sylvia's boys .... Captain Jack and Sargent Pepper. Their new boy will be called Commander Sparks.

Sylvia's Boy checking out the pups. The boys finally came out to play. Until they hit the wall.

Jimmy and Gretchen playing with the puppies ... and Maddie checking them out.

Mike and Anne hold the girls. The pups were pretty wild at first,
but they settled in later and let them cuddle.

It was hard in the end to say good bye for another few weeks.