Five Weeks

Here are just some fun pictures of the babies on their way to five weeks old.

Magic sits with the puppies, he seems to know they are his.
Stormy will sit and play with the puppies. Both the boys are good with their half siblings.

Me with a special puppy, Mr Purple. We may get the chance to co-own him with
our good friend Linda ... so I can get a little bit attached with him!
In the middle is a boy getting weighed for their 5 week weights. He actually sat
pretty well (Not all of them sat this well, so it is getting to be more of a
estimate sometimes). Suzi with one of the pups ... not sure which one,
but I know it is a boy!

More cute puppies ... ah, now tell us which ones these are when you can't see the ribbon.

Shade giving Miss Gold a lick and Stormy on his back playing with the pups.