Here Come the Visiters

The pups are barely a week old, but everyone wants to see the puppies!
Already the Buss' and the Shaffers have come. On Saturday our good friend,
Linda came up to take a look and take Ellie home with her for a 'Spa Treatment'.
Don't tell Ellie but that consists of a lot of washing and grooming and weight reduction.
We also had one of the new puppy owners come for a early look.

Linda had a chance to hold each one of the puppies. We counted when she left to be sure
they were all still there. Linda brought her girl, Glory along and some
Agility equipment for demonstration. Glory seems to do well at it, we hope
some of our dogs will be able to compete in Agility also ... it is so much fun to watch.

Mike and Anne came through from Minnesota on their way to Chicago.
They will be getting one of the little girls in a few short weeks. They seemed to like them all!

They got to hold each of the girls

Here are the girls all bundled together.   

Our friend Gretchen also came down to get a peek at the puppies.
She brought along her girl, Maddie who Suzanne has shown for her.
Thank you also for the delicious caramel rolls!!!

  Luis' friend, Alex couldn't resist holding a puppy.
Its been a long day, now it's snacktime, then some sleep.