Ears Get Cropped

Two of the boys, Mr Red and Mr Teal,
took a trip up to Minnesota to have their ears cropped.
They were real brave and the ears turned out great.
The next day the pups were up and at 'em like nothing had happened.

Did I mention Linda ... who else ... went along with Suzanne to have
the ears done. I stayed home with the rest of the pack
I think Linda kind of likes Mr Red.

The pups played in the motel room the night before their surgery.

Mr Red showed how he has already learned how to sit!

Dr Trandem of the Faribault Veterinary Clinic really enjoyed the boys and was very nice with them.

The vet did a very good job, don't the ears look nice.
The boys were a little slow the first night due to the anesthesia,
but they were their old selves by the next day.

Daddy checks on the ears and momma Cinder checks on Mr Teal. Marco too.