Puppies are Born
Here they come!


Why do puppies always come in the middle of the night?
Cinder started hard labor on the 64th day after being bred the first time.
Her first puppy was born Friday January 6th at 1:30 in the morning.


Two ...... Three ..... Four ...... at least an hour apart. Sometimes more.
We got a little worried after #5 was born and she started slowing down.
Then the next two came fast. Then there was a long wait. More worries.
We took a trip to the vet for another X-ray that showed there were two more.
Had a little bit of medicine to keep things going and we went home again.
And finally the last two were born!!! 13 hours between the first and last.

Isn't she precious .... and the puppy too.


Almost done. What a wonderful mother Cinder is. She loves each and every one.

And they love her too.

Can you count the puppies? All healthy and beautiful. We are so blessed.