Lots of Friends come to visit.

During the week a number of people come to visit.
There are always friends of Luis' that come by to take a look.
On the weekend the Koepens come ... they will be taking one of the boys home in a few weeks.
Then Linda came to see the pups. I think the boys captured her heart, but
she couldn't decide who she liked best. Linda will be co-owning one of the boys with us.
We are excited because we know she will give him a great home and show him to his best.
Now if we can just figure out which one that will be .... its just so hard to pick.

Marco and a friend of Luis' at play with the little ones.

Forrest and DJ admiring the beauties.

Steve, Kim and Salli come to see the pups. Our Shade seems to make a new friend and the
Koeppens had a great time playing with the pups. One of these guys will have a great life with them.

And then there is Linda. These are two of her favorites. But then again she thought they were
all her favorites. We are going to co-own one of the guys with her.
It will be great to be able to watch him grow and be able to show him in the ring.
But just who is the lucky boy that will go home with her in a few weeks???
Is it Purple, or Red, or Teal, or Blue, or maybe Green ... Your guess is as good as ours.