The Puppies Turn One Week Old!

Wow has it been a week already! The puppies have doubled in size
and are all healthy and happy. Cinder spends a lot od time nursing
and taking care of the pups, but she also enjoys a little time to herself.

Magic has made a couple visits to see his kids, but Cinder makes sure he keeps his distance.
Our good friend, Linda came up to take a early peek at the pups
and even one of the potential puppy owners dropped by.


Magic gets a chance to view the puppies.
He is a little 'over exuberant', so Cinder keeps a close eye on him!

I think this little lady is a bit confused.


Mr Teal ... 28.2 oz                                  Mr Red ... 24.5 oz                                  Miss Pink ... 21.8 oz

Miss Yellow ... 21.2 oz                            Miss Silver ... 21.6 oz                            Mr Purple ... 23.2oz

Mr Green ... 22.4 oz                               Mr Blue ... 24.1 oz                              Miss Gold ... 22.3 oz

The boys have been great help with the puppies.