Three Girls to New Homes

As it turns out the girls start to go to their new homes first.
Mr Red is with Linda, but three of the four girls left us this weekend.
We are thrilled with the wonderful new homes these gals are going to,
but we will miss them and their kisses and puppy breath.
Don't worry though, because we were promised lots of pictures and updates.

Little miss Silver .... "Ember" or Von Rose Cinder's Silver Ember,
Gets a bath and plays with mama before she gets ready for her plane ride.

The airline people got kisses as Ember was loaded in her crate for her
flight to Washington. Daddy gets to say goodbye.

It turns out Ember had quite a ride. She was supposed to go from Cedar Falls
to Minneapolis, then to Salt Lake City, before she ended up in Washington.
But there was a mix up in Salt Lake and poor little Ember ended up in Seattle.
So it was back on the plane and back to Salt Lake, before she took her
last leg to the right airport in Washington.
There are no pictures of her getting picked up because it was so late.
Sweet Miss Silver spent nearly 18 hours in her crate before she made it to
meet her new family. We learned to book direct flights for the future

The good news is that Ember arrived in good spirits, no worse for ware.
See pictures of Ember in her new home by clicking here!

Little Miss Yellow .... Scout ... Von Rose Circle of Fire,
Gets delivered when Suzanne and Linda take the boys up for ear cropping.
Scout will live with Mike and Anne up in the Minneapolis area.

See pictures of Scout on her page by clicking here.

Little Miss Pink meets her new family.
"Oya" ... Von Rose Kaji Oya. Kaji means Fire in Japanese and Oya
is a African Fire Goddess. They will be up in the Minneapolis area also.

Pink was pretty tuckered out from playing most of the morning after a bath,
But I bet she will be more energetic when Happy and James get home.

Saying goodbye is always hard, but this little girl will have a new wonderful family to live with.
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