The Big Evaluation!

At Seven weeks we begin to see how these guys are going to look as adults.
We had Mary Paisley, a noted Mini Schnauzer breeder and prominent groomer
come in to evaluate the puppies. Mary is also a wonderful friend and we really value her opinions.
Mary was very impressed with the litter and said many kind things about the puppies.
She gave us a detailed run through on each pup and showed us their
strengths and shortcomings. All in all I think she gave us some great information
and it was a valuable learning experience for us. We can see what we like in the puppies,
but it is nice to get an alternate view from someone who really knows her dogs.

Here we are set up at our friend, Jimmy and Gretchens "Man cave".
The pups are in a nice X-pen sitting on a warm heated floor of the shed.
Mary was also coming to show Gretchen (and us) a little bit about grooming
on a Carin Terrier and her Schnauzer. Another full day!

Mary going over a pup, Suzanne taking notes and Linda assisting.

Mr Teal and Mr Red as stacked by Mary.

Mary stacked all the pups, here is Mr Purple.

Mr Green and Mr Blue

Miss Pink and Miss Silver

Miss Yellow and Miss Gold

Now all tuckered out. Groomed and Handled makes for a long day!