All in the Family

This list hasn't been updated since 1995. I know "On the Move" is now a Hall of Fame Producer and won the National Specialty in 1996 also. He has sired many beautiful puppies. Othello has won many top awards in Europe including Best in Show. I'm sure there are further awards I have missed on the other dogs in this list.

Ozzies littermates (Fafner X Galena)
Ch. Geistvoll Odin of Oz

Winner Group 3 and group cuts
Multiple BOB winner with limited showing

Ch. Geistvoll On the Move

BOB SSCA Nat. Specialty 1995
Multiple Group winner & placer
BOW, Winners Dog 1992 National Specialty
Award of Merit at 1992 National Specialty
1992 SSCA Top Ten
1993 SSCA Top Ten
1994 SSCA Top Ten
Sire of Champions 7 Award of Merit winners

Ch. Geistvoll O’Reilley’s Rowdy

Ch. Geistvoll Othello at Tamberg Export in England, English Champion

Other Brothers & Sisters (Repete breedings of Fafner X Galena)
Ch. Geistvoll Mercedes

Best Junior, SSCA Nat. Specialty, 1991
BOS Junior, SSCA Nat. Specialty, 1990
BISweeps, PVSSC Specialty, 1990
RWD, GPSSC Specialty, 1990

Ch. Geistvoll Made to Order

Award of Merit at 1992 Nat. Specialty
AM. & CAN. CH. Best Stud Dog at 1992 Nat. Specialty
BOW & Winners Dog, 1990 Nat. Spec.
#1 St. Sch. in Canada, Multiple BIS & Groups

Ch. Geistvoll Magellan OFN Himel U-CD

Group placer
Working in advanced Obedience

Ch. Geistvoll Mirage

BOB over specials on way to championship

Ch. Geistvoll Jato

Leading Producer
Specialty Winner
Multiple Group Placer
1989 SSCA Top Ten (#9)
1990 SSCA Top Ten (#5)
1991 SSCA Top Ten

Ch. Geistvoll Je Taime

Multiple Group Placements in Canada
AM. & CAN. CH.

Ch. Geistvoll Lochinvar CD

Best Senior in Sweeps, SSCNC Spec. 1990
UKC United Companion Dog
AAAI Basic Agility Dog


Ch. Geistvoll Fafner (Ozzies Sire) Hall of Fame Producer
(Ch. Geistvoll Bonanza CD X Ch. Tsunami Free Spirit CD)
SSCA Stud Dog of the Year 1991
Multiple Group Placer, SSCA Top Ten 1988
Sire of more than 23 champions, sire of national and regional specialty winners, a
multiple BIS winner and several group placers

Ch. Geistvoll Galena (Ozzies Dam) Hall of Fame Producer
(Ch. Ewig Smokey V Erivic X Ch. Geistvoll Evita)
BW & Best in Sweeps SSCGB Specialty, 1985
Dam of 14 champions to date with more to
come, dam of national and regional specialty
winners, a multiple BIS winner and several
group placers


Ch. Geistvoll Bonanza CD Hall of Fame Producer
(Ch. Yamadas Stargazer X Ch. Geistvoll Ariza) Multiple Show wins
Finished CD in 3 straight shows Sire of 40 champions to date, sir of national
and regional specialty winners, group placers,
BIS winner (Sweeden All-Breed, 1500 Dogs),
A certified Search & Rescue Dog, and
multiple CD’s

Ch. Tsunami Free Spirit CD Leading Producer
(Ch. Tsunami Powerhouse X Ch. Asgard Daphne of Tsunami)
Foundation Dam for Geistvoll kennels
Best Puppy in Sweeps 1977 Nat. Specialty
Produced Hall of Fame & Leading producers,
National and regional specialty winners ,
group placers and multiple CD’s

Ch. Ewig Smokey V Erivic Leading Producer
(Ch. Tsunami Majestic Victor CD X Ch. Yamadas Elegant Erika CD)
RWD 1978 SSCA National Specialty
Dog of the year SSCSC 1981, BOB SSCSC
Specialty 1982 &1981, WD SSCSC Sp. 1979
Producer of Hall of Fame & Leading
producers. Sire of 8 champions to date

Ch. Geistvoll Evita Leading Producer
(Ch. Yamadas Star of Orion X Ch. Geistvoll Arisa)
RWB 1982 SSCA National Specialty
Produced Hall of Fame & Leading producers,
National and regional specialty winners


Ch. Yamada Stargazer Leading Producer
(INT. Ch. Adrian V Hahlweg X Ch. Yamada Moonshadow)
WD & BW SSCSC Specialty, 1980
Numerous show wins
Sire of 7 champions

Ch. Geistvoll Arisa Leading Producer
(Ch. Allex v Freudenberg CD X Ch. Tsunami Free Spirit CD)
RWB 1979 National Specialty
Dam of 5 Champions

Ch. Tsunami Powerhouse Leading Producer
(Ch.Katahdin Corsair CD X Ch. Tsunami Sakesalive)
Numerous show wins
Sire of 6 Champions

Ch. Asgard Daphne of Tsunami
(Ch. Katahdin Kon Tiki CD X Ch. Brinklos Black-Eyed Susan)
Out of the Breeds All-Time Leading Producer
Dame of 2 Champions

Ch. Tsunami Majestic Victor CD Leading Producer
(Ch. Katahdin Corsair CD. X Ch. Tsunami Sakesalive)
BOB 1975 SSCA National Specialty
Sire of 8 champions including SSCA
Dog of the Year and multiple National
Specialty winners

Ch. Yamadas Elegant Erika CD Leading Producer
(Ch. Katahdin Kon Tiki CD X Ch. Yamadas Heidi Belle CD)
Best Junior & BISweeps 1973 SSCA National
Dam of 4 champions

Ch. Yamadas Star or Orion Leading Producer
(Ch. Yamadas Kuma Go X Ch. Yamadas Teru Hime)
BW at SSCNC & SSCC Specialties
Sire of 14 Champions including a
Multiple BIS winner, Group winners,
and National Specialty winners